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  • Masks are required while outside your vehicle
  • Hand sanitizers are located at the Concession stand and available in the public restrooms
  • All employees with the Drive-In are wearing masks and gloves as required
  • While standing in line at the concession stand please stand on the 6 ft markings provided on the sidewalk
  • Vehicles are parked 6ft apart as required
  • All transactions must be made through our app (include) as required.  No cash is accepted on site

Subject to change based on guidance is updated by the Governor or other governing body”  

  • Ticket Sales:
  • Tickets will go on-sale each Monday at 10AM for the coming weekend.
  • Inclement weather announcement will be made by Thursday at 3PM for the coming weekend shows.
  • Tickets are limited to allow for an enjoyable and safe experience. Purchasing advance tickets is highly recommended, as they may not be available for purchase at the gate. USA Drive-Ins is currently operating under a cashless program for ticket & concession sales.
  • Ticket Confirmations/ Rules:
  • Thank you for visiting USA Drive-Ins
  • Upon arrival to The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass, please look for the drive-in signage and follow directions.
  • Please show your electronic ticket code to the parking attendant at the drive-in lot entrance.
  • A parking attendant will direct you to your designated parking space. You are required to park
  • where the attendant instructs you. High-profile vehicles (trucks, SUVs, etc.) are parked in the
  • back of the lot and the front rows are reserved for those with special needs. Certain parking spots, lanes and other areas will be coned off to ensure the safety for all of our guests.
  • Vehicles are to be turned off, along with your lights. Food off the break.
  • It is recommended to remain in your vehicle to watch the show. If you would like to set outside of your vehicle, for the safety of all our guests you and your party must stay within your designated parking space. To hear the show, you will need to tune in to FM 98.2, through your car radio, personal radio or cell phone.
  • Restrooms are located in the shopping center. Please follow directional and social distancing signage.
  • Concessions are available to order through our app or website only. To purchase concessions use your sheet provided when you came in. USA Drive-Ins is currently operating under a cashless program. You will
  • be notified via text when your concession order is ready for pick-up. While in line to pick-up your order, please follow all social distancing markers.
  • Grills and open flames are prohibited.
  • No fireworks, laser lights or any other item that will distract or harm guests.
  • No drugs or alcohol.
  • The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass is weapon free. No firearms or weapons allowed.
  • Masks are required while outside of your vehicle.
  • Please visit our website for additional information. http://usadrive-ins.com/admission/
  • Enjoy the show!